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Monday, September 30, 2013

Concert at Chastain Park: What to Expect

We recently went to Chastain Park Amphitheater to see a concert and sat at a table in Section J. It was my first time to Chastain and I was nervous, having never been, so I thought I'd blog about my experience and maybe help someone else's visit be less stressful. Not knowing what to expect was stressful to me.  I worried about what to take for our picnic dinner because I'd heard that some people really go all out bringing nice dinnerware, candles, flowers etc. for the tables. I remembered my mother's edict "it's better to be over-dressed (picnic table-wise I interjected), than under- dressed", so I brought a table cloth, candle, flower arrangement, wine, shrimp cocktail, and other munchies and it was fun.... but I think unnecessary. It's perfectly fine to walk in with just a beverage and a enough glasses for your group and sit down and enjoy the show. If you don't like preparing a fancy picnic basket and hauling stuff in, don't feel pressured to do so. I actually envied those that were sitting in the seats sans tables, who had just eaten out at a nice restaurant and come to just sit and enjoy the show. No work, no fuss and no clean up. Proof of the Pudding Caterers offer pre-made meals to lessen your workload, but there's still the set-up and clean-up work when you eat at the tables.

I'm on the left (looking a little stressed) with my 3 daughters.
Next time here's some things I'll do differently:
  • Take earplugs - if you have tender ears like my two youngest and me. 
  • Bring a blanket for the cooler evening temperatures. We had jackets, but my youngest wanted a blanket. 
  • Bring binoculars if you want to see facial expressions, etc. Couldn't see that from Sec. J
  • They have coffee for sale there, but it would be fun to bring a thermos with a nice hot beverage - possibly spiked?
  • Take cushions for the seats. The seats didn't bother me but my oldest daughter wished for a cushion. 
  • Not worry about getting a table.  Eat out at a restaurant and go and enjoy the show.
I was happy that Chastain Park passed out trash bags, because I'd forgotten to bring one for the clean up. And as for parking, there are areas you can pay for parking ($10), but we easily found a parking spot on the side of the road a block away from the entrance of the amphitheater.  If it had been a packed performance, I'd suggest arriving early. So, go and enjoy hearing wonderful music outdoors (my favorite way to listen to music) and don't worry about keeping up with the Joneses. Anything goes. I hope this helps in some way. 

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