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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wear Proper Shoes To Garden In Woman! And Latest Duck Report

My garden buddies now at 2 weeks old
That's what my podiatrist wanted to say when I told him I often gardened in flip flops. But after the diagnosis of Plantar Fasciitis in my left foot - which is the one I use when I'm shoveling... in flip flops, I've promised myself that I'll now wear proper footwear. When the Dr. told me I had to take it easy for a while; no squatting, no walking up and down steep slopes, no climbing ladders (or shoveling), I could only think "how am I going to take care of my garden and new ducklings?"  But I've managed now for the last week by taking it easy and letting weeds take over my garden. My new garden buddies have been helping though and look how big they've gotten. They'll be 3 weeks old the end of this week and they're losing all the yellow fluff and turning white. They're Pekin Ducks, so they'll be a beautiful white when full grown (in a couple more weeks). I'm not sure yet whether I've got male or female, so I'm waiting to name them when I know for sure. I'd like eggs, but have heard the females are loud quackers. One is a little larger than the other so I may have one of each.

Still under construction - coop fits under our back deck stairs
Safe house inside coop
Here's what my wonderful hubby built for them this past weekend. It's not quite ready for them because we've decided to double up on the chicken wire so hopefully it'll keep out the raccoons. I've very afraid something will get my sweet little buddies so I watch them very carefully. The coop is built below our back deck stairs in a spot that was unused. I'll paint it the same color as the decking so it'll blend in. The ducks will be free roaming in a fenced backyard during the day, but will have this to go to at night or if they feel threatened during the day, or when I go leave during the day.

At 1 week old, enjoying water in tub
 The pond, shown in the background is the water that awaits the ducks when they're full grown. There are geese on the pond, so I'll be watching carefully to see how they interact. The geese can be vicious, especially when they're nesting. We normally have 20 or so geese on the pond, but when a pair is nesting, the male partner forces all other geese off the pond until the goslings hatch. Then all the other geese can return. Luckily the goslings should hatched and out on the pond any day now.  Then it'll be about time to see if my buddies want to venture out.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Behind the Scenes at Martha Stewart Show

I took my daughter to N.Y. on Spring break and we went to a Martha Stewart Show taping. It was fun to see behind the scenes. After the show, Martha takes a few questions from the audience...

After the show questions from the audience

The first person to raise their hand to ask a question was my daughter, asking her how long she's had the show...

My daughter asking Martha how long she's had the show.

After the show, we each got a goody bag. One of the goodies from the show was an 11" platter made by Juliska Company, which is very elegant.   Then we had lunch at Kobeyaki in Chelsea, which was right across the street from the studio. What a fantastic (and enormous) cup of Ramen Noodles!
Goody bag from Martha Show

Goody from the show: Juliska Platter
Lunch afterward at Kobeyaki. Yum! Ramen Noodles