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Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Duck Finally Laid an Egg!

Oh yeah! I've been waiting and waiting for this day to come. My two Pekin ducks, Gertrude and Evie are now exactly 20 weeks old and yesterday I found 1 egg in the cage. Not sure who laid the egg, although over the last few weeks, Evie has been displaying male characteristics, such as mounting Gertrude.  I started joking that Evie was actually Evan, although his tail feather hasn't curled as of yet - which is the distinguishing mark of the male drake.  I was very surprised to go out to their cage this morning and find egg #2.  I didn't expect Gertrude (if she's the only female) to lay every day! I'd read somewhere on the web that they only lay every other day. Or maybe this one is from Evie and I have 2 females after all. This is so confusing, but I am so happy to have 2 duck eggs! My hubby said we should put a little webcam in the cage and see just who is laying the eggs. From what I've read, the drake (if Evie is really Evan) tail feather should curl by 6 months of age.

I collected these in the morning around 7:45am yesterday and today.
The photo above shows the 2 duck eggs.  The color is a very light brown, and they are about the same size as an extra large chicken egg. Below is a picture of the duck eggs compared to an extra large chicken egg, which is the one in the middle. The duck eggs are slightly more oblong which is hard to see in the photo.
Extra large chicken egg in between 2 duck eggs for comparison

Then, to crack the duck, what an experience. The shell was so much tougher than a chicken egg shell. I tried to crack it on the side of the pan and it didn't crack! Luckily I recently saw a chef on a TV program use a sharp knife to slightly crack a duck egg shell before opening the shell into the pan, and that worked.
Cooking on low heat
Now, I cooked one of the eggs slightly longer than the other. We were excited about tasting the difference because we'd heard that duck eggs taste a little 'richer' than chicken eggs.  My hubby proceeded to cover his cooked egg, the one below on the left, with pepper. " How are you going to taste the difference with all that pepper on it?" I asked.  He took a bite and said "I can't taste any difference".  So I gave him a bite of mine, which had no salt or pepper added, and he did say he tasted a slight difference. Very subtle and hard to describe. I guess I would agree that it taste a little richer - maybe slightly thicker of a yolk. But it's very subtle. They had more flavor than the chicken eggs we get at the grocery store, for sure.
I couldn't believe he covered his in pepper!
Isn't this a beautiful egg?


Anonymous said...

WOW! Nice web page Cindy, and interesting read about your duck egg experience and questions about the sex of your ducks. I don't have any suggestions on how to find out, don't think you can just flip um upside down to see? :) Enjoy the eggs! The do look very orange instead of yellow. More healthy?


Cindy Rose said...

You are so funny! I wish I could just flip them over and see the difference!!!