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Friday, July 20, 2012

Fun Things to Do During the Summer

There's just 3 weeks left before my kids go back to school, so I was checking my list of things I wanted to do with them over the summer and just one remains. Here's my list:

Fun Things to Do Over the 12 Weeks of Summer Break

1. Go horseback riding
2. Go canoeing

3. Visit a public garden
4. Visit a museum
5. Go camping
6. Go swimming
7. Let kids invite a friend over for a sleepover
8. Visit a petting zoo
9. Have some movie nights at home
10. Go to a movie in the park
11. Go mountain bike riding
12. Go hiking
13. Do an art project together
14. Go roller skating
Gibbs Garden, Ballground, GA
15. Let kids go to 2 camps
16. Take kids to vacation bible school
17. Give kids a cooking lesson
18. Give kids a sewing lesson
19. Go camping
20. Visit a petting zoo

Oriental Garden at Gibbs Garden

The only thing we didn't do was go camping. We waited too long and now its too hot, so we'll save that one for the Fall. The priciest thing we did was go horseback riding, but it was such a thrill for my kids and well worth the cost! One of the camps turned out to be free because we applied for scholarships for both kids and received them! Thanks so much to Quinlan Art Center for that!

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