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Friday, July 20, 2012

Are Movies, TV, & Videos too Violent?

I'm so sad about the shooting at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado today. My prayers are with the victims and their families. What a tragedy on so many levels. "What is going on?" is a question I'm hearing a lot of people asking. With terrorist, both homegrown and abroad to be concerned about - we also have to worry about violent young men who commit terrible crimes that impact so many. Is there a connection between this kind of violence and the violence portrayed in movies, TV, and videos? Is there a connection that we're missing? Are the ratings on movies, TV, and video games being ignored by parents who won't bother to do the necessary research before allowing their child to be negatively impacted by what they're seeing?  There is no undoing the effects once a young mind has seen trivialized violence. Seeing this horrible event unfold today is so disheartening and frustrating when nothing is being done to improve the mental health of our children. Please, parents, keep an eye on what your kids are exposed to. I don't think gun control is the solution when a disregard for human life is the problem. We have to ask "where did the child learn to have such little regard for others?"  They've learned it at a very early age. How can we get the word out to movie and TV producers to stop with the disturbing images that will be viewed by children in movie theaters, and then eventually in homes? How can we educate parents about the dangers of allowing their children to see violence at a young age? And most importantly perhaps, how can we help parents and educators teach children to respect and care for one another? Something's got to change. Please pray not only for the victims but also for the future of us all - especially our children. Together, let's figure out how to make some changes in our society.

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