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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Girlfriends Crafting Day

My friends Wendy, Mary and I recently had our 2nd 'Girls Night Out' get-together. It's more of a 'Girls Day In' because we have lunch and do a crafting project together. Wendy hosted the first one last February and she served a delicious quiche and had all the supplies ready for us to make these sweet valentines for our kids. Mary, who has boys (both now grown), gave hers to her little grand daughter.  They were a lot of fun to make.

Then in March, Mary hosted the lunch and had a no-sew scarf craft for us to learn. She served delicious sandwiches made with homemade bread (made with flour that she ground herself). Here's a picture of Mary, along with Wendy, standing by the flour mill. 
Here's a picture of the sack of wheat she orders online and the containers she keeps them in.
The bread she made from the freshly ground wheat was gorgeous and delicious. I'm thinking of buying a flour mill now!

The craft that Mary had for us to make was a no-sew scarf. Here's a picture of Wendy wearing the scarf she made. The scarf is made using lightweight t-shirt material (which curls on the edge when cut so you don't have to sew a hem or edge). We first doubled the fabric, then used a dinner plate to draw the initial circle. Mary had a swirl pattern for us to follow as a guide when we cut the fabric. You repeat the process several times so that you have several strips of fabric and then they are joined together to make the scarf. 

     I know I'm not explaining it well, but there's lots of info on the 'no-sew scarf' on websites, so I encourage you to look for them if you're interested. Here's a scarf Mary made:

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artistamyjo said...

What fun projects and I also adore your garden Buddy.