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Monday, April 23, 2012

Behind the Scenes at Martha Stewart Show

I took my daughter to N.Y. on Spring break and we went to a Martha Stewart Show taping. It was fun to see behind the scenes. After the show, Martha takes a few questions from the audience...

After the show questions from the audience

The first person to raise their hand to ask a question was my daughter, asking her how long she's had the show...

My daughter asking Martha how long she's had the show.

After the show, we each got a goody bag. One of the goodies from the show was an 11" platter made by Juliska Company, which is very elegant.   Then we had lunch at Kobeyaki in Chelsea, which was right across the street from the studio. What a fantastic (and enormous) cup of Ramen Noodles!
Goody bag from Martha Show

Goody from the show: Juliska Platter
Lunch afterward at Kobeyaki. Yum! Ramen Noodles

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