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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Passion Flower Fruit

There's a wild passion flower vine on the side of my house that's been blooming like crazy this year and I was thrilled to see fruit on the vine. The first day I picked the fruit I left them out on the counter, not knowing how delicate they are and they wrinkled up quickly. This time I've refrigerated them and will  juice them in the a.m. I hope they're ripe, but if I leave them on the vine any longer they'll get eaten by all the critters around my yard so it's now or never.

1st Pear Crop

I planted a Bartlett and a Kieffer pear tree a couple of years ago and I finally got a crop of pears (a whopping 3 pears)! Not sure what the problem is yet, but I was tickled to get these.

Sweet Potato Crop

I didn't expect my sweet potato crop to be ready so soon, but they were. This is just one of the 5 bucketfuls I got this past week. They were nice sizes and shapes.