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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Kitchen Garden

These photos were taken 6/5 just as the garden was starting to take off. The plot size is long and narrow (about 10' wide) and the herb garden is the circular area off to the bottom right where I have a rain barrel that I water from. Since this photo was taken, I've extended the section below the garden for  pumpkins.

 I planted this zucchini in a flower bed.

The yellow squash is very plentiful this year.
 The grapes aren't ripe yet.

 The grape vines are now up on the arbor my husband built. The vines spent over a year on the ground, so hopefully they can be trained next winter and won't look so wild next summer.
The thornless blackberries were still red here but now on 6/15, they're finally turning black!
There's several rows of strawberry plants. The berries are small and always half bitten by birds or some other critter. I've yet to get a real harvest from them yet. The okra in the background is a much smaller planting than I've done in previous years. I pickled, fired and boiled them last year, there were so many, so I decided to plant just enough for one family serving per week. 

The Color Of Summer Challenge

The Color Of Summer Challenge

The Color Of Summer Challenge

This is a very fun challenge on The  month of June's challenge color is Blue. Here's my ATC :

Above is a photo of an ATC I made a couple of months ago.

So, join in challenge. It doesn't have to be an ATC.  And I look forward to seeing everyone's blue crafts!

Monday, June 13, 2011

1st Summer Lunch Meal From My Garden

What a thrill it was to pick enough veggies for the first time to make an entire meal.  I made squash casserole, cucumber salad, fried green tomatoes and fried breaded okra. Later in the day I made a zucchini bread. I was in gardener's heaven. And thanks for your encouraging words about the missing followers. The category is back up I see!