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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Take the Starch & Sugar Eaters Anonymous Club Pledge

O.K., so the acronym will be SSEA. It's easy to remember. Just say "Sorry, I can't have that (fill in the blank food item) because I've taken the SSEA pledge". And here's the pledge:

"I will think about my meals ahead of time and limit the amount of starches and sugars I consume by being smart about my choices." And also say: "I pledge not to mindlessly eat chips or bread brought to the table at restaurants. I will resist it or better yet ask the waitstaff to not bring it to the table". Also, "If I'm at a party and feel tempted to indulge in a dessert or snack food, I will limit myself to 3 tiny bites and throw the rest away." Remember, better in the trash than on your hips. And then say "I pledge to not buy snack foods that will tempt me. And I pledge not to buy or make delicious looking bread, biscuits, rolls or pasta dishes because I won't be able to resist them and my family won't even miss them if I leave them off the menu. And I pledge not to bake holiday cookies and desserts (because I can't resist eating them when they're hot out of the oven). If my children want a holiday cookie, I will take them to the bakery and let them pick out a cookie. I don't need a dozen of them on my kitchen counter. And I pledge to not make my own favorite starch and/or sugar laden desserts or side dishes this year, but will think of alternatives and be smart about what I put on the table.  And I will keep reminding myself that 'it's just a meal' and it doesn't have to have those dishes that put on weight like macaroni & cheese and sweet  potatoes with marshmallow topping. I can come up with alternatives that are tasty and healthier for everyone in my family".

So that's the pledge.  Let me know if you lose any weight by cutting out starches and sugars during the holiday season. My goal is to lose 5 lbs. by the 1st of December and another 5 by Christmas. Good luck!


Priscilla said...

Last spring, after being diagnosed with that chic Baby Boomer disease, Type II Diabetes, I was forced to take that pledge. Not fun, I an tell you. I've discovered that watching the Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load, I have lost weight and have been able to keep my blood sugar within the normal range. Oh, and losing 40lb. was a nice bonus!
Good luck.

LadyCat said...

This is a great idea. I definitely should cut down, too. And it would be so nice for me to lose some weight.

Cindy Rose said...

Well, I've lost 1 pound so far this week even though I did cheat one day when I got into the kids' Halloween candy. Darn that candy! lol.