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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Have you ever heard of a Tussie Mussie?

I recently learned how to make Tussie Mussies which are tight, compact bouquets of flowers that you can make straight from the garden and they are wonderful to give as a gift because you can carry them in your hand and they stay fresh for a long time. I'd heard of nosegays but never the term Tussie Mussie. There's quite a history behind the idea of the little bouquets - and not just Victorian. The idea of the tussie mussie goes  back to the medieval times, but they were especially popular during Queen Victoria's time.

I made three different looking tussie mussies and put them into small containers filled with water. Depending on the flowers used, they can stay fresh looking a long time out of water and that's why they make such a great little gift to give out. I also love the look of them on a dining room table because they're low and they look beautiful all lined up.

You use floral tape and wrap each stem as it's added to the bouquet. The greenery is added last and then all is wrapped one final time so that its easy to hold. I wrapped the one on the left a little too loose. The one on the right was wrapped better.

The rose one to the right was the most delicate. It was out of water for 2 hrs and started to look a little wilty by the second end.

The tussie mussie below is larger than the other two, but the bouquets can be quite big (as big as a bridal bouquet).

If it still fits in your hand and is tight and compact, it's a tussie mussie. They can also be made out of just greenery, using herbs and fragrant leaves which I think would be gorgeous, especially for the holidays.  Special thanks to Master Gardener Becky and thanks to her sister, Sally, who I learned later is an amazing mixed media artist who has artwork featured in many galleries.   I've placed the link to her blogsite on her name.  I'm sure I'll be making lots of Tussie Mussies in the future.


Priscilla said...

I have read that originally they were small fragrant bouquets, held to the nose when walking, to mask the stench of medieval streets. I've seen little silver holders, both antique and modern for sale. Yours would look cute in them.

Sally Arnold said...

Great Blog Cindy! Your Tussie Mussies are beautiful. I did a blog on them too but didn't have all the pictures to show them how. I love making them by just going outside and walking around with the florist tape to see what you can find to make one.