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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Favorite Stuffed Olives

I thought I'd take a picture of the stuffed olives I like to use in my Mexican Martinis for Tee.  Thanks for the question, Tee. I really like the jalapeno ones, but also have tried the garlic and almond stuffed ones. Then I saw the blue cheese and dried tomato stuffed olives and had to have them too. Yum!!
I'm able to find them in my local stores (Ingles, Kroger and Publix).


BLISS angels said...

I loved the almond stuffed ones ..where did you get them ?

Cindy Rose said...

I've found them at every grocery store in the area.

The Altered Paper said...

Thanks For Sharing! I Never Knew These Were On The Market! T Will Try Them All! Hugs,Tee