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Friday, September 23, 2011

Nutrition at the Schools

I'm very passionate about keeping tuned in to what's being served to kids at the schools these days. A healthy diet is right up there in importance with a good education. They go hand in hand. Neglect either and your child or grandchild will suffer. Please sign the petition at Jamie Oliver's website to help make changes to what the school systems are serving our kids. I've been on this band wagon even before the first Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution show aired.  I spoke to the local school board and have been in contact with the board's nutritionist to voice my concerns. We can't stop caring about this issue. There's been several improvements that I'm happy about, but if we stop caring, they'll revert back to serving more processed foods. I'm still battling the nutritionist over the flavored milk issue. Thanks!

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Thomas said...

Good for you for taking action!